Out of stocks and promotional placements are big opportunities for most brands!
RDM is able to execute “Retail Maintenance Coverage” to maximize your sales and expand your profits
  • Any retailer in the Southeast US including
    • Drug, Food, Mass, Dollar & Club Stores
  • All Categories including
    • Beer, Wine & Spirits
    • Consumables, Dairy, Fresh, Frozen & Grocery
    • Non-Consumables, HBC, OTC & GM
  • Professional, well-trained, properly attired representation
During the Retail Maintenance Call the RDM representatives will:
  • Check in with store management upon arrival
  • Correct all Planogram issues
  • Verify all items are on the shelf and identify “Out of Stocks”
  • Ensure tags are placed for all items
  • Fill the shelf and promotional displays from the back room
  • Install Promotional Displays and place POS / IRC material
  • Discuss Suggested Orders with store management
  • Report all activity on-line the day of the activity
  • The RDM management audits & tracks all resets daily
  • Communicate important information to Retailers and Clients
  • Retail Maintenance Coverage is scheduled with a customized Retail Route
    • RDM Routing software assures efficient scheduling
    • Each RDM Representative receives a custom route every month
    • RDM Route Sheets are based on monthly service cycles
    • RDM Mapping software maximizes project planning

The difference is in the detail!